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R-Evolution : The robot-model, patented made in France, a new tool for remote shopping!

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Euveka roanne company, has developed a technical tool, that is a real phygital solution for brands and clients.the objective: to produce and sell adapting to the diversity of bodies and morphologies with an infinite number of sizes from 36 to 46.in one minute, it recreates the body’s morphology.what are the missions of this robot?what are the advantages of this robot?why has the fée maraboutée brand chosen to use this robot?is it a help for remote shopping?a robot model: an advantage for brands?itv andréa gilet, euveka growth director:this action of this robot is to able to represent a very large morphological diversity. really, the interest, is to be able to reduce the return rates and the unsold rates for the brand and to also be able to strengthen the relationship with the customer and to strengthen customer loyalty to engage them, in their purchases. it’s really an intuitive, attractive and dynamic tool.an ecological advantage in the design of collections, a saving in material scraps, we save a lot in raw materials.all collections are validated remotely, considerably reducing economic costs.that allows us to reinforce the csr, ecological and environmental side.itv gaëlle lelong, general manager of la fée maraboutée:the discussions we had at the start were how to get to know our customers, how to recover data on the measurements of our clients?it is a very personalised sale that will take place with these remote fittings, which are not virtual fittings, but which are real remote fittings with the model to the measures of our client. we moved the model, on the west store and which is not an easy thing to do, it weighs 200 kilos, so the lady is a bit heavy, and that worked well.our customers loved the concept and we made medium sized baskets which were three, four, five times bigger than the normal size.and voilà, there was no brake, on the contrary, a beautiful curiosity.voilà, something amusing, fun for our clients because they had the impression of seeing their body through the camera saying that’s me.so i will have to go on a little diet, etc.everything the things that concern us women on a daily basis.and that’s quite nice.