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What's Up - Chanel n°5 : 100 years of celebrity

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What’s upchanel n°5100 years of celebrityinterview : there’s something mysterious about this fragrance,it smells different on every woman.the most well-known fragrance in the world is 100 years old.what’s new ?iconic and legendary,by its smell and minimalistic bottle,and thanks to different muses including marilyn monroefor 100 years, six very different personalities,invited to bear witness to its celebrityin a beautiful moviehere are our analysiswhat not to miss?the statement of marion cotillardcurrent face of the chanel n°5 perfumeinterview : celebrity is recognition, acceptance. it gave me confidence that allowed me move forward. an icon, a myth, a legend is by definition, someone popular who knew how to touch, something intimate.what’s going to buzz?the energy & the sincerity of lil buck, the young american dancerinterview : so many kids in memphis who do the same damn style that i do, right now, still in memphis, and i wanted to show them that you can have a career at this, this can be something that you can live and create opportunity for yourselves a focus onthe accuracy laurie santos,psychologist and professor at yaleinterview : celebrities are becoming more ordinary people they’re doing that at the very same time that ordinary people are more likely to become celebrities. anyone can pick up a video camera and become viral on tik tok, anyone can become an influencer. i think there are these two parts of celebrity that are changing over time. the famous people are becoming not so different from us, and everyday regular people are becoming famous. music free of right : naghawo de yuku