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Louis-Gabriel Nouchi's fashion plea

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Lgn louis-gabriel nouchi autumn winter 21/22live dance performance by company sohrab chitan, music sara zingerpalais de tokyoinfluenced by literature, this season lgn delivers a collection inspired by franz kafka’s book “the trial”.neutral colours, geometric shapes, prints, echoing the world of justice, its rigour and films noires…concerned by the social repercussions liked to the health crisis, particularly the world of entertainment, louis-gabriel nouchi wants to celebrate the world of danse through a choreography by the sohrab chitan company and music by sara zinger.interview louis-gabriel nouchi:for this new collection, i was inspired by kafka’s book, the trial, one of my favourite, which had a certain resonance regarding the events that took place in france in recent months, in particular with the highly publicised trials of the charlie hebdo attacks or police violence.i make menswear, i have never done women’s collections and to present clothes on women, is for me a reality of the brand because we have always had lots of women that have bought from us.we wanted to respond to this expectation showing that we have a different vision of our menswear when worn on women. also, within this idea is the desire to be inclusive, in terms of what we present and the realm of the brand we want to establish.to be able to present digitally this fashion week was an opportunity to present in some other way, collections that would normally be presented at a relatively classic fashion show and we started the summer 16 21 collection to work with actors, in particular from the comédie française, and we wanted to continue this partnership to highlight the world of culture which is suffering enormously from the current crisis and in which we are also part of, working with dancers.the context is of course not very easy at the moment for a new brand, but we tried to make this a positive period to concentrate on the points on which we were not necessarily used to, namely digital and communication. it also gave us time to settle down and reflect on what we wanted to do and present. for whom, why and what?the key pieces of this collection are the stitches, this has always been a favourite technique of the lgn brand, and notably on all these felting techniques.i am also very proud because these are products made in france with a factory in northern france that is extremely competent and that really pushes us to our limits in terms of development.my vision of men today, is men who want to dress elegantly, without being overdressed, who want practical clothing. this is why we make the majority of our pieces machine washable, to save time and make them all very comfortablemusic issued from the fashion shows and videos (only to be used in the context of the fashion show, covered under the right to information)