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Paul Smith - Menswear and Womanswear Spring/Summer show in Paris (with interview)

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Designer: paul smithinspiration: paul has been building us up for his show for several seasons at the élysée montmartre. a temple for concerts in the 18th in paris, this place is very suitable for the designer who adores music. for summer 2020, a loft-jazz genre of music was chosen for the background accoustics as the designer had been inspired by his first trip to new york in the 70s, with a reference to pop-art which exploded at that time. colour is therefore at the heart of this new collection, presenting the menswear and womenswear at same time.collection: it's all about tailoring. paul smith chooses to tell the story he knows best, that of the suit, which he reinterprets every season. for next summer, the jacket is worn crossed and double-buttoned, the shoulders are supported. the tones go from pastel to stronger colors, almost fluorescent, with sophisticated linings throughout. womenswear responds to the menswear too, tailored, but choosing the short blazer and loose trousers, unless she opts for light dresses with large flowers printed.note: the chelsea boots in different colors, the wide parka or the parka tightened at the waist + sustainable materials used such as recycled polyester or organic cotton.show music (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information) with interview from paul smiththe inspiration came from my first visit to new york in the 70s when pop-art was just breaking through so it is very much about silkscreen printing, digital printing, colour of course and mixing fabrics. the collection is loosely called collage, which means mixing. then music was loft jazz from new york, which is very collage, very cut up. i have always done tailoring. so, it is so nice for me to express myself through what i think i am the best at, which is tailored clothes. even the short jackets or the short jackets for men were still tailored you know with a beautiful sleeve head, 2cm bigger, slightly more relaxed, soft inside. we are using technical fabrics with classic cotton or light weight wool, silk and wool. then what is interesting is that there is also a lot of recycled polyester, so sustainability, so our knitwear has organic cotton.