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The Celebration of the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M Collection in New York.

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It’s been 5 years since jeremy scott, the mad american designer, joined moschino, with the aim to revive the italian brand with humour and craziness.this passion becomes synonymous of success, and thanks to jeremy scott, moschino is the latest brand to date to collaborate with h&m, creating a capsule collection entirely revealed during a party in new york. around a spectacular setting, representing times square and its lights, the designer surrounded himself with top models to walk the show that mixes streetwear and glamorous bling.the essentials: the leather dress worn by bella and the touch of silver personalized by naomi campbell. interview with jeremy scott:it’s fashion with a capital ‘f’ for fun, fashion should be glamorous, fashion should be fun, fashion should be sexy. i mean ultimately we don’t need any new clothes, there has to be a reason we want it, it has to be passion.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).