Marc Jacobs Women's Spring/ Summer Collection in New York

Designer: Marc JacobsInspiration: An elegant but oversized wardrobe with exaggerated shoulders, embellished with numerous frills.Collection: The designer modifies the trench coat, overcoat and suit trouser by enlarging them as well as playing around with pastel and bright colours. Materials shimmer, large pleated trousers worn oversized are embellished with large knotted belts, whilst cropped jackets are paired with wide skirts. Collars and sleeves of shirts are brightened with frills whilst feathers line a top or completely cover a coat. Nightdresses highlight the femininity which is clearly seen throughout the show.Note: models wearing veils, hats and headscarf’s as well as sequined collars.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions