Zimmermann - Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2019 in New York (with interview)

Designer: Nicky ZimmermannInspiration: The Australian designer who saw great success in North America, was inspired by Number 96, a funny but disrespectful Australian soap opera from the 70s, which he loved to watch without the permission of his parents… This free spirit is seen in his next collection with added touches of sensuality.Collection: Printed cashmere is revisited in an extremely romantic way through big dresses and crop tops worn with flared trousers. The Zimmermann touch is seen through frills, slits, and shimmering details with metallic threads. Specific printing techniques help create the patchwork effect.Note: ‘Western shirts’ with embroidered details, ultra-short shorts, all-in one-suits and the camel safari jacket with its big slits.Interview :Karolina Kurkova : I’ve known Zimmermann as a brand for a long time and I’ve worn their stuff for a long time because I like a lot of Australian designers and I wore them before they became globally successful, and I’m super happy for them, super proud of them. You know I think they have a very specific niche, they do this romantic 70s kind of vibe feel, and they do it so well, it’s so comfortable; it’s very summery, fresh, but yet you can wear it in the evening. It’s sexy but it’s pretty and it’s kind of timeless.Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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