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Jean Paul Gaultier - Show Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris

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Designer: jean-paul gaultierinspiration: smoking or not smoking. jpg benefits from this play on words between the act of smoking and the garment that he has always worked on, reinterpreted into a couture version to present his new collection full of touches of humour. with front row seats: nile rogers, naomi campbell, rossy de palma, winston, noémie lenoircollection: the men open the show, elegant in their tailcoats or with a large two-tone fur scarf that gives a glimpse of gautier’s work or the patent leather corset on a white apron dress. the women respond, dressing in a tuxedo dress, with new volumes, coming from the front or appearing as slips under vests, with floaty sleeves. vests and trousers are cut to become long gloves or boots.a couture screen printed transparent plastic trench unveils a velvet white dress. a bustier body is decorated with pheasant feathers. focus on: couples, showing a man and woman & delicate bride, like a dream that ends in smoke. interviews :jean-paul gaultierit’s smoking or not smoking, so it’s a play on words because smoking of course means to ‘smoke or not to smoke’ but it’s also a comment on the smoking jacket, which means ‘tuxedo or not tuxedo’. so it’s okay for it to be a feminised tuxedo deconstructed and even cut, there are embroideries, there are drapes full of drape effects around the sleeves also on the taffeta jacket, volumes that are completely couture.nile rodgersi love him, we are working on the show together and he’s wonderful to work with and i’ve always loved his clothing.rossy de palmajean-paul is a curious guy, a magical being, someone tender, magnificent, dreaming and always innocent, a pleasure, it’s love.catherine ringera feeling of satisfaction, that you will always be a little surprised by everything he does by even recognising the classics. someone who loves to have fun, who has a big heart and who lets himself express his sense of beauty. pierre & gillesit’s funny sometimes, he’s a big kid, he plays, he invents, he looks at the world, it’s always a good time. music from the show (only for use in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)