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Fendi: Men's shows Spring/Summer 2019 (with interviews)

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Artistic director : silvia venturini fendicollection: a collection that plays on dualities with a dark side and a more relaxed side, more lightness as the central theme. perforated materials let though air and light. the label’s iconic checks and stripes are present. the fendi logo and the prints are reworked and reinvented by an italian multidisciplinary artist nico vascellari. we find them plastered and inscribed on the clothes and accessories. focus: on the peekaboo bag in a two-toned xxl version, on the several messenger-style shoulder bags, on striped tote bags and the looped sandals or the beach flip-flops. to note: the double f lining of a trench coat, the layering of shirt and t-shirt and the panel of fabric which covers a pair of shorts creating the feel of a skirt, as well as high-waisted trousers with striped bands stitched up the side of the legs and the short shorts (a big trend spotted in milan). interview of silvia venturini fendi:rightly, the starting point was fendi and the identity of the fendi man so i looked at the history of the house and there’s always this dichotomy which is really evident here because it’s a collection with a dark side and a very bright side, light you could say, still ironic and so it’s these two sides which confront each other. an interesting thing is also the materials, because we worked with materials that are in the history of fendi so of course leather, but also very light materials so there’s a perforated fishnet, to push the idea of this transparent and light aspect, and there’s paper, there’s recycled paper which resembles leather, which act like clothes which close up like pocket squares, it’s very interesting, always like a game of contrasts. serge brunschwig: to imagine the new fendi story for all of our clients, including the youngest. we fight, we put in place the means to achieve it. a house like fendi has to fight on its territory, on its forces and then to find all the ways to express it in a current way, in a modern way. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)