MSGM: Men's show Spring/Summer 2019 (with interview)

Creative Director: Massimo GiorgettiLocation: a volley-ball room, balloons on the ground and a match between Milan and Rimini (two cities heavily symbolic for the designer).Collection: a joyous and vibrant wardrobe, composed of summer images (sharks, exotic fruits and fruit trees) plus archive photos from Roger Minick showing tourist looks, printed onto the clothes. Vibrant and acid colours and layers of stripes give the show a relaxed and sporty allure with a work on supple and light materials. Focus: on the sponge short shorts, the characters from the Japanese manga series ‘Attacker You!’ plastered onto t-shirts or hoodies and a suit with a back decorated with palm trees + the MSGM logo that we find in an XXL version. To note: the white socks worn with sandals and the finale with men all wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts for an ultra-fashionable tourist look. Interview of Massimo Giorgetti:This collection started from the idea to do a volley ball match between Rimini, the city where I grew up, and Milan the city where I live now.And then in the same moment were I put together inside, the collaboration with manga Japanese ‘Attacker You!’ that I was completely obsessed with when I was a teenager and also after this collaboration with Roger Minick, he’s a photographer from New York and for all of his life, he took pictures of tourists all over the world.Of course there’s a sporty vibes because it’s MSGM and the volley match so I also started all the detailing, all the logos from the volley world, there’s a lot of neon, a lot of t-shirts, a lot of sweatshirt but it’s MSGM, it’s the things I love and DNA is very pure MSGM DNA in this collection. It’s really like an attitude with a lot of optimism, of positivity, it’s really recharged, drink colours, drink prints and enjoy you day, enjoy your life. Music from the shows (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions