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Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interviews)

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Couturier: jean paul gaultieratmosphere: amidst the snow, yet still with a touch of jpg exoticism, a nod to india seen in the warmth and the colourscollection: revised saris, drapes of fabric in jersey and flamboyant velvet which envelop the bodyembroideries and sequins designed like snowflakesmini puffa jackets created with a gradation of featherslarge winter jumpers in a couture stylefocus on:square, open shoulders in the shape of armourgolden, graffiti prints with added gaultier symbolssnowy landscapes printed on dresses lined with feathersthe accessories such as platforms that do-up in the style of ski shoes, the fur boots, the large, feathered woolly hats, the jewelleryto note: the little boy searching for the bride, coco rocha on her bicycle, during the finalethe supermodel noémie lenoir, and miss universe, iris mittenaere, who garnered huge applause interviews:jean paul gaultier: it’s kind of a collection which focuses on snow, but snow which is found in very exotic places. it’s a mix, as if i’d imagined snow in india.the exotic element is seen on the draped clothing, kind of like saris, although they aren’t saris, there are even jackets which wrap around like that.the puffa jackets, the fringed shawls, the padded, mattress-like silhouettes, and sometimes clothes which appear like jumpers, but in fact are a kind of embossing made with muslin or organza which makes it swell, giving the impression of an irish or a cable-knit sweater. in truth they are deceptive.as for the materials, there are those which are particularly special to me, in fact the velvet, smooth velvet but sometimes dévoré velvet. this is a seersucker with flowers, but which at the end of the day, is evocative of snow. so, it’s kind of that idea. this is also couture.rossy de palma & blanca li: we love, we love it, we love it. we love it a lot. we cannot wait to see the beauties that he’s made!iris mittenaere: he chose me because i’m miss france, he was with me during my year competing for miss universe and that’s kind of the logic behind it. we ask ourselves how he had those ideas, and that’s what’s impressive. it’s that actually everything put together is magical. that’s where we can see the genius.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)