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Meeting with John Nollet, passionate hairdresser, before his departure for the Cannes Festival

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John nollet seduced women simply by hair styling them. from his salons in paris, courchevel, and soon in saint barth, to his couture accessories made by hand, with embroidery and feathers, this 47 year french hairdresser, with his dandy adventurer look, has raised hair up to an artistic level. today he shares his time between photo studios, movie sets and of course the red carpet, including the cannes film festival where he is preparing himself to beautify some big stars. interview with john nollet there is that adrenaline an actress feels at that moment when she does a red carpet as important as cannes, because there is this obvious glamour and beauty side which surrounds this prestigious festival but before anything else, it’s a film festival, where women come to defend the work they’ve done, to defend their art, they are in the spotlight and at this point we realize that there is a whole team, it’s not only the hairstyle but also the make-up, the hairdresser, the styling, in that instant they must give the most power and sensation to this woman as she leaves her room, to make her feel beautiful, and ready to be looked at by the world.to give you an idea, cannes this year is marvelous, first this is the festival’s 70th year and i have the honor of being booked by monica belluci for the opening and closing, by nicole kidman for the film she’s supporting, by uma thurman who is in the un certain regard jury, by sandrine kiberlain who is in the camera ‘or (golden camera) jury. i really like working with juliette binoche, we are going to do our best, so running between the actresses who are staying in hotels like hotel du cap, who are in the hotel martinez, the majestic, i get this strong adrenaline which excites me, something very special, that i like in working on the red carpet. if i find myself in some events like this, it’s because a women has wanted me to be with them, to make the even more beautiful, that moves me, it makes me happy, and at the same time it also emits this message that i want to spread, the fact that the most important accessory for a woman is, for me, her hair. music free of rights / bandit & nikit / 2017