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Louis Vuitton Cruise Show in the Miho Museum in Japan

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Artistic director : nicolas ghesquièrelocation : the show took place in the miho museum, close to the city of kyoto, designed by the architect i.mpei and which opened its doors in 1997.inspiration : nicolas ghesquière has always been inspired by contemporary architecture (last year the cruise collection was located in the niteroi museum in rio de janeiro) and the designer knows japan well. the prefect country to evoke the fusion between urban and organic, the modern and traditional. collection : a modern, rock and romantic spirit with a biker touch, which always emerges from nicolas ghesquière’s collections. from the first outfits, the leather jackets & coats blending with touches of leopard, suede and silver. the trousers made iridescent. the cowboy boots emitting a futuristic allure. the japanese designer kansai yamamoto, present at the show, inspired ghesquiere and was invited to draw icons, characters and symbols for the house. the cardigans interlacing jersey and leather recalls warriors’ armor while the light dresses with gold and silver gems, are worn on t-shirts.to note : the scenery engraved in ink and embroidery, the new accessories inspired by kabuki masks, the caps with "lego" flaps on the side.all nicolas ghesquiere’s vips and muses made the journey like jennifer connelly, michelle williams, isabelle huppert, sophie turner...music from the show