Moschino : Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in London (with interview)

Mood : Theatre set with red curtains Inspiration : The dolls from our childhood in paper, in 2D ready to be dressed tabs, and the film ‘The Vally of the Dolls’. Silhouette : A trompe l'œil collection in from beginning to end, with fake drapery, false lingerie, fake baby dolls, fake cardboard accessories. Everything is drawn, the fake pearl necklace or the false pleats of a skirt.The rest of the collection for sale offers tight fitting clothes, sexy, with psychedelic patterns, and slogan t-shirts.Focus : on the false pleats. The teddy bear bustier, the fake leather blouson, and the many swimsuits.+ The pill bag Interview : Jeremy Scott : I was just thinking about evening gowns and I started thinking about making them into paper doll gowns and having these tabs and then I started playing with this then I thought oh I’ll keep playing, and then as I was working on the capsule collection, I though why not make it about capsules, and thinking about valley of the dolls the Jacqueline Susann novel; where she calls pills dolls and playing with this whole idea of reality and not reality, and all this augmented reality, and the fact we live so much of our lives 2D through the iPhone and Instagram and how people see and interact so much with a façade so I wanted to play with that in the clothes as well. I wanted to play with something so beautiful and austere and even very couture like with the setting and the music but of course its twisted and then you have something that appears like this but then it’s still very abstract and avant garde. Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions