Vera Wang: collection spring- summer 2017 in New York

Designer : Vera WangAtmosphere : a room plunged into darkness, the mysterious woman Vera Wang playing this time with volumes. Focus on : the size of the shoulders. The totally round mini-skirt, almost sculpted, the sleeves starting below the shoulders and were frilled. All in black and white. To note : green pearls, all embroidered by hand, scattered on a skirt or a dress, making noise with each movement. Interview with Vera Wang: I wanted the women to feel powerful and the second thing was the craft of the clothing, ‘construction des vêtements’, you know, I wanted to feel as though they were very, very beautifully executed. And then the third thing was the sense of mystery as you said atmosphere, that she’s complicated, and it is dark no question, I mean it was dark and light, but mostly dark, and I think that sense of mystery I’m very well known for, but I think this year it had a very different vibe. The tailored against the flou, what we call the flou, so the flou is the softness and the tailoring was the stiffness, and I love that contrast. A lot of work for the sleeves, almost like a new kind of glove, that the sleeve was no longer a sleeve it became a glove, and it fell down and it just trailed. So it’s part of the romance I think of the collection, the darkness and that movement. Music from the show(only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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