Thom Browne : collection spring -summer 2017 in New York

Designer : Thom Browne Atmosphere : Swimming pools and a return to the 60’s. Like for the men who came dressed as surfers for the last presentation, the women invite us to the seaside, with dressing gowns, swimming hats and sunglasses. Silhouette : Dresses were all different, but with a precise working on the texture and on the trompe-l’œil effect that made them as simple as possible. It sufficed just to unzip them. Focus on : The striped swimming costumes, the shoes with heels shaped like anchors, the flowery shopping bags. To note : The new «Hector Dog Bag », the hand bag shaped like a dog, dedicated to the designer’s dog, who is called Hector Browne. Interview with Thom Brown:We’re just playing with the ideas of Slim Aaron’s photography from the 60’s and 70’s, but the real concept of the collection has been the idea of tailored clothing that was all trompe l’oeiled into one piece. The concept in the collection was that, was really all the layers of tailored pieces, but actually it was all trompe l’oeiled into one. Colour was important, the mix of fabrics and the mix of embroideries were really important. That was the real concept in the actual clothes, it was the idea of taking classic clothing and trompe l’oeilying it into one piece.Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show,protected by the right to information)

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