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Schiaparelli - Fashion Show Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2016/17 (with interview)

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Interview of bertrand guyon :it seemed that this was the right time to deal with the famous “circus” of schiaparelli. it was quite a complicated collection anyway, and then audacious because it was risky to deal with such an iconic theme in the history of schiaparelli.there are very pure drapes, also very graphic tailoring in navy blue or black, always with a construction of strong shoulders on jackets ... it is very schiaparelli, to work on shoulders. she loved shoulders to be very present, very assertive, and it was a leitmotif of the entire collection.interview of farida khelfa :schiaparelli is a very powerful fashion house, so we have to go into the codes, to take time to understand and to fully absorb essence of the fashion house. bertrand took his time, but now he is really part of the fashion house. he took the circus that is really the dna of schiaparelli and represented it in a multitude of beautiful things, signs, embroidery, crafts ... it's all couture. what we wanted to do is really something slow, gentle, the opposite of ready to wear: the couture of our dream.interview of rossy de palma :it was like being in a fairy tale, it was a beautiful show. there was some amazing and very beautiful work. i really like when it is faithful to the schiaparelli fashion house and in the show, there were so many references, there was this sort of loyalty, all the things were analyzed, reinterpreted and developed in a sublime way.music from the fashion show/ not to be reused from 7 days after the show