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Fendi- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

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The fendi woman plays with contrasts and opposites. on the stage, a grey concrete stylised forest highlights a wardrobe containing flowing and structured ensembles with weaved or smocked leather and muslin or satin balloon sleeved shirts. the dark powerful toned colours create a duality contrasting from the other brighter ones. even the leather flowers and the metallic pistils attached to the handbag’s handles or the clothes reinforce the spirit of the collection. the numerous smocking or gather details demonstrate house’s expertise and craftsmanship. to note: bags in various sizes that double up. interviews from karl lagerfeld:it' a summery collection, it is very different, the proportions are completely different and i think today that the lengths aren't played with anymore, there will always be long and short, it's like flat heels and high heels, we have to find that way of doing long and short, flat and high, in the modern spirit. the different blues that don't normally got together, the coral the bordeaux red, and things like that, that goes well on the grey setting i think, as i saw it on screen backstage, and i said to myself, there, you haven't made a mistake because that shows a palette of colours that we don't normally create.silvia feni venturini:we are playing with the opposition because these is this new bag called ".com" which is a handbag but with a clutch inside. there is always a surprise in fendi bags, there is always something functional but at the same time there is also a creative function. pietro beccari:to tell you the truth, the 3rd term is the most important with christmas coming, so we are all calm and looking at the things that come close. it was a very positive year, and rightly so this fashion show will really boost fendi's positive year even more. music of the show