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Tom Ford - Collection - Spring/Summer 2015 London

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“sensual rock” sums up perfectly the latest collection at tom ford. the well known designer took us back to the 90s which was the starting point for his inspiration. the eyes were outlined in black, the hair was back-combed to give the girls a chic look that perfectly complimented the outfits. miniskirts were out in force, as well as longer versions with revealing slits, both worn with sequined jumpers. for the tailoring, wide leg trousers became the key feature with jackets and tops in see-through styles. for the evening pieces the sensuality was turned up a notch with dresses covered with pins on the arms or just covering the modesty of the models, also shown were bandage style dresses in satin, all worn with jewellery designed by lisa eisner, and also without forgetting the new tf bag “caméra” essential wear for the evenings. music from the show.