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Tommy Hilfiger Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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After a trip to sandy beaches last season, this time tommy hilfiger leads us into the mountains, straight onto the ski-slopes. the designer uses the outdoors as the focal point of this collection, creating a significant range of coats, blazers, bombers, sheepskin jackets, even ponchos. everything is produced in luxurious fabrics including faux-fur sleeves layered with alpine knitwear, shearling linings, patina suede, pure wool parkas and cable-knit patchworks. tartan, one of the label’s trademarks, appears in numerous forms like small or large checks, dotted throughout this young, dynamic wardrobe. tommy is not one to forget detail, with drawstring belts, hooks on shoes and large pompon hats. a very prosperous journey to western america that instantly makes us want to slip into these snug clothes as the cold snap in new york continues…interview:tommy hilfiger:we love the outdoors, the american explorer with authentic american iconic details. workwear, western-wear, going to montana, colorado, loving the outdoors, hiking, camping.we have a lot of technology because we believe that social media is very important, we are reaching out to the public and we are touching all of our fans.music from the fashion show