Thom Browne Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

This season, Thom Browne’s show takes place in a church. The audience is seated on pews whilst male models appear dressed in cassocks, their faces veiled in white lace. They come to confess before the runway where the girls emerge one-by-one, advancing slowly, allowing the audience to admire every single detail. Grey tones dominate the first part of the show. Religious habits transform into long, enveloping coats, with suits taking on new dimensions. Of course, there is always the question of round sleeves and waists with emphatic volumes but this time, materials increase in fluidity. Skirts are layered, giving glimpses of petticoats or lace slips beneath. The designer incorporates 1940s elegance, adapting it in his own style. The church theme returns in the form of long black silhouettes wearing intense velvet skirts and dresses. Finally, touches of gold on a selection of dresses brings a joyful delicacy and a lightness that urges us to abandon swiftly this short-lived church, preferring to go out dancing in these exquisite evening gowns...Interview:Thom Browne:Music from the fashion show

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions