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Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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There is a heated atmosphere at the paradis latin. we have a dynamic show where the top models demonstrate that they aren’t wall flowers but that they know how to dance and flirt. artistic performances including salsa, tango and rock are the clever pretext used to present this perfect and sublime collection where the biker jacket takes centre stage before turning to an evening gown, a skirt, a bustier, a bra or a pair of trousers…denim is cloaked by a tulle veil, bringing a touch of disco with transparency and sequins! floaty silhouettes unzip or deflate. jean-paul gaultier presents a show that takes its rightful place in the fashion world; a true moment of charm during this paris fashion week with a hint of ‘saturday night fever’!!! interview: jean-paul gaultier : our jury is the actress rossy de palma who also ends up dancing. these are the models who will dance with the stars, the big top models who have trained and who have rehearsed in order to be able to perform these different dances. there is a lot of leather and everything is themed around biker jackets and so we have this jacket which is transformed into an evening gown, a bustier, a bra, a skirt, trousers and everything else you can imagine, like a bag also. tulle is also used with the embroidery, with types of lingerie, some of which is designed in leather and there are clothes with spiral ruffles which unzip and decompress. farida khelfa: the show was full of all this joy that there was in the 80s, it was like a huge party where guys used to shout the names of girls and all that, and i loved that, it was fantastic unlike all the stereotypical shows that bore you to death, as there was joy and the clothes were beautiful and magnificent, it really is a magnificent collection. catherine deneuve: it was great to come to see the show here, at this place, it was very lively, it was fun. it created so much good and gave everyone so much joy. music from the show