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Prabal Gurung Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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International buyers squeeze themselves into prabal gurung’s runway show, the very designer who (in parallel with his contemporaries alexandre wang or philip lim) has successfully inspired a new spirit of invention. first of all with regards to the staging, which is always highly sought-after, he transports us straight into a world where glamour mingles with the strange, romanticism and fantasy…this feeling is transpired onto the clothes, the elaborate backs, the dress worn in coordination with a shirt with sizeable sleeves, the evening shift dress involving bustier and are produced with a multitude of finishing touches and high tech materials (pvc, digital prints), all playing with colours that are forever strong and deep as if meaning to leave a footprint on every runway. prabal gurung: the idea for me was about celebrating the woman and her curves and the décolletage and everything that led and informed the shapes that i wanted to create which are slightly curvier, softer and more beautiful. it all started with this; you know how bert stern did picture with marilyn monroe, called ‘the last sitting’ and for me when i looked at it and i read what he wrote about her, it was perhaps one of the most beautiful tributes to his love and the pictures are incredible, but to me it was sensual yet melancholic. i am a designer who loves women; i’ve always loved to look at them beautifully, but what makes them really incredible is their strength, that little bit of toughness. you know, some seasons we show toughness, it’s apparent, and some seasons it is nuance but i think the toughness makes a woman intriguing and inspiring and exciting, you know, the complex layers. music from the fashion show