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Jean Paul Gaultier - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

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A front row of choice at jean-paul gaultier (catherine deneuve, florence foresti, rossy de palma) which makes us travel to rajasthan through his latest haute couture collection. on the catwalk, we find the world of gaultier: long dresses with pleats and ruffles, a corset dress with embellished chiffon, snake scale skin as glitter for a black slender silhouette, a trench coat worn over a nude dress, stripes, and denim. there's a mix & match of tones but also on colour block outfits of sobriety and extreme elegance. the bride leaves us with a nice surprise with a swarm of children under her petticoat ! india divinely inspires jean paul gaultier ! music from the fashion show interview jean paul gaultier : the idea came from trips i made to rajasthan, memories, but i tried to make them in a couture chic, and what does this give? it gives patchworks, there are embroidered patchworks, there are patchworks of prints, so much work has been done. it's cut one by one, all the scales of snakes are cut, and everything is covered in gold on top ... and then you have the skin, as it was before, for the backpack of course that goes with the evening dress. catherine deneuve : we have really been transported to another world, it's true that it's an inspiration that has come from india, and he takes it to the end, the models are great, the makeup was magnificent, they had painted feet, it's incredible!... but there is always a lot of rigor at jean paul gaultier, he doesn't do things half heartedly, it's a decision that is taken and it's taken to the end, with all the details.. rossy de palma : he went to rajasthan, he listened to music and he thought of spain, it's true that after all the flamencos, they know very well how they came about, all the gypsies have left india, passed through egypt and arrived in spain, even flamenco music has its roots there ....