Zodiac releases eco-friendly menswear with Z3 Relaxed Luxury

Zodiac’s brand Z3 Relaxed Luxury now manufactures its clothing in an eco-friendly manner using recycled water and a “Zero Liquid Discharge” process.

Z3 Relaxed Luxury has embraced an eco-friendly manufacturing process - z3 Relaxed Luxury Clothing- Facebook

“For the millennials, environmentalism is as big a concern as it is for all of us,” said Zodiac in a statement. “Zodiac is proud to announce that its casual wear brand Z3 Relaxed Luxury is manufactured in a completely eco–friendly process.”

The brand uses 92 percent recycled water during its garment production process. The heat from the recycled water is also extracted and is used in manufacturing which also reduces the carbon footprint of the process. The brand also has a “Zero Liquid Discharge” process designed to reduce environmental pollution.

The brand retails a selection of men’s casual shirts in a variety of colours, checks, and prints as well as tailored jackets and chinos. Clothing from the Z3 line, which retails from Rs 2,299, ($43), is positioned in the mid-section of the market.

Zodiac launched in 2008 designed for men looking for relaxed clothing that is also suitable for the office. The Zodiac brand retails alongside its Z3 line on its dedicated e-commerce site as well as in stores across India.

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