Vedant Fashions Manyavar and Mohey target new customer demographics and markets

Manyavar and Mohey, two brands of Vedant Fashions Private Limited, are targeting new customer demographics and markets as India’s ethnic wear market continues to organise.

Manyavar and Mohey are targeting a younger audience who are expected to respond well to their more casual designs - Mohey- Facebook

Vedant Fashions is looking towards a younger audience for its ethnic occasion wear brands Manyavar and Mohey. As the two brands expand their ethnic casual wear ranges for men and women respectively, they are targeting a younger audience who are expected to respond well to the more casual designs. Both brands hope to encourage younger customers to incorporate ethnic garments into their everyday wear. Manyavar’s current “Parivar Ravivar” advertising campaign also works to this end.

The brands are also standardising the fabrics used across all products. New chemical formulations for fabrics are designed to increase both uniformity and the overall feel of textiles. This follows the standardisation and organisation of India’s ethnic wear market where branded apparel is taking up a greater share of the marketplace.

Manyavar currently totals 650,000 square-feet of retail space which comprises over 500 stores that include over 50 flagship stores and 12 international stores. Mohey is available at over 50 multi-brand outlets across India.

Ravi Modi launched Manyawar in 1999 as a men’s ethnic clothing brand under the parent company Vedant Fashions Private Limited. The brand has come to specialise in wedding wear and occasion wear and is one of India’s leading brands in the category.

Mohey was launched by Vedant Fashions in 2016 as a women’s traditional occasion wear label that retails garments including lehengas, sarees, and kurtas.

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