Surya Pratap Singh shows at UK's Graduate Fashion Week

The Indian designer and graduating student of Pearl Academy, Surya Pratap Singh, showed a collection as part of the Swarovski International Showcase at the UK's Graduate Fashion Week on June 6.

Surya Pratap Singh, showed a collection at the Swarovski International Showcase, Graduate Fashion Week Pearl Academy- Facebook

On June 6 in London, UK, Singh showed a collection as a finalist for the Swarovski International Showcase at Graduate Fashion Week. Singh’s collection was immediately striking for his bright red, vermillion colour palate. Garments looked like body suits shaped to resemble the body types of many married Indian women. Graphic prints represented stretch marks positioned to indicate they occurred through pregnancy and both dresses and jumpsuits transformed the models’ proportions into body shapes that are not conventionally seen as beautiful but are the reality for many older women in Singh’s native India.

“His concept revolves around the idea of aging and how it relates to disengaging with personal needs of a married Indian woman,” Pearl Academy wrote about their graduating student. “A personal conversation with his mother inspired Surya to give shape to this unique collection.”

The collection’s message was that “all body forms are beautiful irrespective of shape, size or colour,” and it shone a light on a demographic that is underrepresented in the fashion industry in India, and rest of the world.

The Swarovski International Showcase runs seasonally at Graduate Fashion Week and picks students from around the world to showcase their graduating collection alongside the UK student designers.

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