Stella McCartney owns Milan on Friday night

Stella McCartney basically took over late night Milan on Friday night, with a great, kicky, political, sustainable and festive moment in a medieval garden in the city center. A UK happening that was all about what everyone in Italy loves about Britain – sass, free thinking, energy and openness.

Stella McCartney - Menswear - Spring/Summer 2020 - Milan - Photo: Godfrey Deeny

Before a cool gang of Lombardy groovers, Stella unveiled a strong co-ed collection and made a clear ecological statement. The entrance was like a political rally, with cool protestors holding signs reading: "We Are the Weather", "Open Your Eyes Show Your Hands" or "Hopeful".
Guests even queued to have the signs tattooed temporarily on their faces, necks and arms.
Adding to the moment, she invited an Australian hip-hop duo to perform a great set of antipodean rap, as the cast danced along.
The multimedia event took place one day after Stella’s CEO quit her company, which all seemed rather irrelevant given the bonhomie of the evening.
There were intermittent bouts of rain, but no downpour, as the models marched around the garden, just south of the city’s stock market.
Guys in rock-star double-breasted suits, leopard-print dusters and cheetah oversized parkas – none made from any animal product.

Stella McCartney - Menswear - Spring/Summer 2020 - Milan - Photo: Godfrey Deeny
The gals vamped underneath the giant plane trees in cotton-puckered, leaf-silk cocktails, micro-fiber boiler-suits in sherbet colors and oversized washed-out Slavic denim blousons.

"I wanted a real party in Milan and I think I got one," smiled Stella, as literally hundreds of Milanese swarmed around requesting a selfie with the designer. Which, sportingly, she obliged to.

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