Snapdeal sees sales rise with new product videos

The e-commerce site Snapdeal has seen sales of featured products increase by an average of 30% due to its use of product videos which can display merchandise clearly and cross language barriers used on its app. 

Snapdeal has helped its sales increase with product videos - Snapdeal

“We have created a huge and growing library of short-format videos to help users get an enhanced idea about the functionality of a product, which is quite important given that a significant number of products that we sell may be lesser known seller-brands or a product that has consumer has never seen before,” said a Snapdeal spokesperson in a press release.

The videos are named “SD TV” and are usually around 10 seconds long. The videos showcase the products for sale in an easy-to-understand way which is particularly suited to its more rural customers, the brand said. 

Over the past two years, Snapdeal has increasingly focused on value merchandise for a Tier 2 and 3 customer base. “More than 75% of Snapdeal’s buyers are from Tier 2 and 3 cities and the product videos help overcome language and literacy barriers,” said the brand’s press release. 

“Videos have helped us drive sales,” said the brand’s spokesperson. “Ten-second videos of products are far more captivating and help buyers to make decisions faster than static pictures of the products concerned.” Snapdeal also shoots the product videos itself which is useful for smaller brands with less funding for advertising.

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