Shopmatic welcomes SMEs to platform

The e-commerce business Shopmatic announced that its platform is now open to small and medium enterprises as it aims to promote nascent artisan businesses. Shopmatic also aims to bring an extra 500,000 customers onboard.

Shopmatic aims to welcome smaller businesses onto its e-commerce platform

Shopmatic has launched a new initiative to encourage SMEs to sell on its e-commerce platform. The businesses can register with the platform for only Rs 50 ($0.72) for one year and will pay only three percent commission to Shopmatic when they make a sale.

Shopmatic released a statement acknowledging the challenges that small businesses face when trying to sell online in India including a high initial investment. The business’ new initiative aims to reduce SMEs’ pain points with this initiative. 

Amongst the SMEs that Shopify is targeting, artisan businesses, craft businesses, and businesses retailing products such as fashion accessories and handmade items all feature. The business aims to simultaneously increase its seller and customer base. Shopmatic operates on both desktop and a mobile app.

“Shopmatic has always been focused on enabling a successful ecommerce business for its customers,” said Anurag Avula, the business’ co-founder and CEO in a statement. “This launch further reaffirms Shopmatic’s commitment towards its customers. We will continue to invest in new capabilities and support our customers in their ecommerce journey. We have eliminated the barriers for anyone wanting to sell online thus by taking away the hurdles of price and device accessibility.

"By leveraging the smartphone penetration in the country and coupling that with our pricing flexibility, we intend to bring 500,000 customers into the ecommerce ecosystem in the next 12 months.”

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