Shivan & Narresh celebrate a decade of swimwear

The design duo Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of Shivan & Narresh are celebrating ten years of innovation in India’s swimwear industry with a new collection and campaign.

Shivan & Narresh are celebrating ten years of innovation in India’s swimwear industry - Shivan & Narresh- Facebook

On July 5, World Bikini Day, Shivan & Narresh unveiled its own take on the history of the bikini with a custom illustration and detailed posts across its social media sites. The brand described the garment as “a sensual attire that has found a space in every woman’s wardrobe” and one that has, over the brand’s ten year run, become its signature.

The brand also launched its new collection, "La Digue", inspired by the island of the same name. The collection's recently released advertising campaign, EdoMer Series, was shot in the Seychelles by Taras Taraporewalla with styling by Mohit Rai.

One half of Shivan & Narresh’s design team, Narresh Kukreja, talked to Vogue India about the brand’s ten years in the fashion industry and said: “We really wanted India to have its own global luxury brand, for which we really wanted to take on a global category. To us, swimwear was the only category that had all the answers we were looking for.”

Over the brand’s decade in the industry, one of its most memorable moments was creating the “bikini sari”. The brand also created a collection of swimwear inspired by the aerodynamic sculptures of Alexander Calder. Shivan & Narresh recently launched an accessories line and a wedding planning vertical, Shivan & Narresh Celebrations.

Shivan & Narresh was founded in 2008 by Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja and the label describes itself as “India’s first luxury beachwear brand”. The brand has a flagship store in New Delhi and Gurgaon and is also available in a variety of multi-brand boutiques across India. Shivan & Narresh also has its own e-commerce store.

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