Shazé to open 8-10 India flagship stores this year

The luxury jewellery and lifestyle brand Shazé plans to open between eight and 10 flagship stores in 2019, with a focus on the north and east of India. The brand is also in the process of increasing store sizes and following an omni-channel approach.

Shazé has eight to ten flagship stores planned this year - Shazé- Facebook

Shazé, founded in Mumbai in 2001, currently has a total of 24 stores across India. The brand hopes to total over 30 by the end of the year. Shazé also runs six shop-in-shops and its own e-commerce store and, through expanding all of these channels, the brand plans to double its penetration in 2019.

As well as opening more stores, Shazé plans on expanding store size. “Our biggest store is in Delhi is 2,300 square feet. Moving forward, we want to open more such destination stores to house a larger offering for our clientele,” the brand’s founder and managing director, Samrat Zaveri, told IndiaRetailing. The brand’s average current store size is around 450 square feet. The brand will also continue to search for retail locations both in malls and on high streets.

Shazé will also follow an omni-channel approach moving forward. “The brand experience has to remain same for the customer everywhere,” said Zaveri, believing that this is key to building customer loyalty. To strengthen this approach, the brand will ensure that the brand has the same face at every touchpoint.

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