Robert Naorem showcases handloom collection with Delhi Fashion Club at Asian Designer Week

Designer Robert Naorem presented a collection featuring textiles made by local weavers from Manipur, Northeast India on day two of Asian Designer Week. The runway show was organised by the Delhi Fashion Club.

Robert Naorem and his showstopper - Delhi Fashion Club

Naorem showed a collection on April 28 that mixed traditional Northeastern aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create looks that were polished yet steeped in tradition. The Delhi Fashion Club chose Naorem to promote Khadi as part of the fashion week as he has worked with the textile for 18 years and shown collections internationally. 

Models wore Naga-inspired accessories and carried spears whilw wearing formal gowns. Naorem promoted a unification of the Naga and Maite cultural groups from the Northeast and local actress Soma Laishram closed the show in a blue Manipuri bridal dress.

“We are very happy to be part of this event, we really like the concept and initiative by Delhi Fashion Club to promote handloom and textiles and we also thank Mr. Harshit Dhingaun for the initiative for Khadi, Northeast textile and handlooms promotion in mainland India,” said Naorem and his showstopper Soma Laishram at the event, according to its press release. “It’s great to come at this international platform in Delhi and perform.”

“We believe in promotion of Khadi, textiles and specially handlooms from north east India,” said the Delhi Fashion Club’s chairman Harshit Dhingaun. “We truly believe that Northeast fashion and fabrics can make India more international and it’s already bringing big change… fashion connects all of us together.”

Asian Designer Week was held from April 28 to 29 at the Taj Vivanta Hotel, Dwarka in New Delhi. The event’s theme was 'Fashion Crosses Borders' and the event celebrated the diverse cultures represented in Indian fashion. The fashion week also featured designers Sonia Gaba, Rig Zig, and finale designer Rina Dhaka. 

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