Paakhee to open retail outlets, expand network of artisans

After launching last year, the handcraft accessories business Paakhee aims to expand both on and offline and will continue to strengthen its network of contributing artisans across India.

Paakhee aims to expand its brand of handcrafted accessories both on and offline - Paakhee- Facebook

Poonam Gupta Maheshwari launched Paakhee last year and has sold over 1,500 units of home accessories so far, as well as a similar total of fashion accessories. Previously focusing on flea markets, the plan is to expand online and start selling on the e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon. The brand also plans to launch its own e-commerce store in the near future, according to Maheshwari and retail outlets are planned for Bengaluru and Kolkata within the next three years.

As well as working on expanding the sales side of the business, Maheshwari is also planning to continue to expand the brand’s network of craftspeople across India. As Paakhe sells items such as handbags with handcraft designs, the idea is to continue to expand the brand’s production network to increase its production capacity and product portfolio.

“I have always had a deep-rooted desire to build something on my own and make a difference to traditional craftsmanship, which needs all the assistance it can get,” said Maheshwari in a statement. “Our objectives are in line with the name of our brand. Paakhee, in Bengali, means bird. So just like a bird, we too are building our nest, one twig at a time from branches of different trees.”

Speaking about her long term plan for the brand, Maheshwari said: “The long-term plan is to scale up and be a meaningful micro-enterprise that is able to uplift and empower as many rural artisans as possible.”

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