Nykaa On Trend opens in Jaipur

On January 16, Nykaa opened a 'Nykaa On Trend' brick-and-mortar retail outlet on the ground floor of Kamani Mansion in Jaipur. The store features a range of beauty, skincare, and personal care brands as well as the Nykaa private label.

Nykaa On Trend opened in Jaipur on Wednesday - Nykaa- Facebook

Nykaa has opened another offline retail store, this time in Jaipur. The store, which has a black exterior and two bright peach hued pillars, leads customers in through a dramatic arch doorway under the brand’s lipstick-esque logo.

“We’ve arrived at Jaipur, the city named after our favourite color! Pastel hues, floral wallpapers, a palatial touch and lots of beauty products,” wrote Nykaa on its Facebook, to announce the opening of its new retail outlet.

While the outside of the store is neon bright, the inside has a more natural touch. A marble floor and white, brightly lit ceiling add light and one wall is an earthy grey while another is a natural green. On the other side of the store, a light pink wall has a green leafy mural painted across it featuring flowers and trees and this is both reflected in paintings hung on adjacent walls and adds an air of whimsy.

The store has a section dedicated to Korean beauty a wall dedicated to nail varnish, wall dedicated to face masks, and a section for best-sellers.

Nykaa, which began online in 2012, continues to pursue its omni-channel strategy with this store opening, bringing its total of Nykaa On Trend stores to 11. The multi-brand beauty retailer also has nine Nykaa Luxe stores across India’s metros. 

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