No slowdown for Amazon in India as business aims to continue expansion

Amazon intends to continue expanding across India as the US business sees no slowdown in the country and ample room to grow.

Amazon will continue to expand in India - Archiv

“As far as our service goes, we haven’t seen any slowdown yet,” Amazon’s India manager Amit Agarwal told a group of reporters at the opening of the business’ largest global campus in Hyderabad on August 21, ET Bureau reported. Agarwal said that the business will continue to focus on and expand in India as there is a great growth opportunity in the country.

“One thing to keep in mind is that e-commerce is a very, very small portion of total retail consumption in India, probably less than 3%,” said Agarwal. “So, when you are that small, there is so much room to grow that I think it would be many years before macro conditions like that seriously impact e-commerce growth.”

Agarwal also opined that one reason the business has managed to avoid a slowdown of business in a climate of slight retail stagnation is that it concentrates on value and convenience. “And, I think given that Amazon’s focus has been on that, maybe we haven’t really seen the slowdown,” said Agarwal.

“It is hard for me to predict what will happen in future, but as a business we are very committed to long term thinking so we don’t really get distracted by what is happening in short cycles,” said Agarwal. 

Amazon first entered the Indian market in 2004 in Hyderabad. Agarwal said on Wednesday that the business now counts over 50,000 registered sellers worldwide.

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