Nirav Modi now believed to have fled UK for Belgium

After the reports confirmed that Nirav Modi was in England on June 12, it has been reported that Modi has left the UK for Belgium, believed by some to be travelling on a Singaporean or fake Indian passport.

Conflicting reports show that no one authority has the whole story on Nirav Modi's whereabouts - Nirav Modi- Facebook

The Economic Times and TNN have reported that Nirav Modi is believed to have fled the UK on either Tuesday or Wednesday after news of his arrival in England broke in the press. Modi’s Indian passport was previously revoked by India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) but it is believed that he has a passport from Singapore which he is using to travel, according to a source quoted by TNN.

According to a source quoted in Retail Economics, Interpol has confirmed to the Indian Government that Modi has not used his Indian passport since March 31. If Modi is indeed using another passport to travel this will make it harder for the Indian authorities to apprehend him as they will require assistance from the country from which he has a passport.

However, although some reports are sure that Modi is using a Singaporean passport, the Times of India reported that sources from the Indian High Commission said: "We cannot tell which passport he is using. Only UK immigration, which allowed him to enter the UK, knows which passport he is using. We know that he is coming in and out of the UK. If someone enters India, then we know which passport they entered on, so only the UK home office knows the answers… We have not heard he is using a Singapore passport but rather an Indian passport. He may have a fake Indian passport, which is easy enough to get, or else he may be using his revoked Indian passport and countries may just allow him through as they may not have the information."

The conflicting reports show that no one authority has the whole story. UK Immigration has not made a statement or released information about which passport Modi entered the UK on and Belgian authorities have not yet officially confirmed Modi’s presence in the country.

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