Nimai presents Summer Nama jewellery showcase

The multi-brand jewellery boutique Nimai will present “Summer Nama” this spring, a jewellery showcase that will feature 25 jewellery designers from across India.

Nimai will present “Summer Nama” this spring - Studio Metallurgey

From April 20 to 22, the Summer Nama showcase will take place at the Nimai store in New Delhi’s Siri Fort area in collaboration with Mrinalini Chandra. An array of designers will present their spring/ summer collections which will henceforth be available to shop by the public.

The shopping event, open to all, will feature Studio Metallurgey, a jewellery brand that makes contemporary and sculptural pieces. The brand will present a collection entitled “Bones from my Ocean” which will feature gold and silver pieces.

Rejuvenate will show its latest collection and Akihi will present “Zenith”, a collection featuring its leatest signature “textile jewellery” and aiming to “empower from within”, according to the brand. Mirakin will present its “Wabi Sabi” collection which features items named “Frail”, “Commence”, and “Creation”.

The Slow Studio, Variin, and Aadikara will also be presenting their collections among other designers at the event which will be open from 11am until 7pm over the course of the three days.

Nimai was founded in October 2013 by Pooja Roy Yadav to endorse the slow fashion movement by supporting small, independent jewellery designers from South Asia. The platform now includes over 90 designers and retails from its New Delhi store as well as its own e-commerce store.

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