Naushad Ali debuts sustainable collection at London Fashion Week’s IFS

Naushad Ali took part in the annual International Fashion Showcase (IFS) which ran during London Fashion Week (LFW) until February 24. Ali presented an installation titled “Garb” for the event.

Naushad Ali created a 100 percent eco-friendly installation and collection for IFS in London, UK - Naushad Ali- Facebook

Naushad Ali put on an art installation, Garb, to showcase his latest collection and make his debut at LFW. The event, which took place in the capital’s Somerset House, saw Ali use 100 percent sustainable materials both for the clothing in his collection and the props in the installation which he up-cycled from Somerset House itself. 

Dancers moved across the space and showcased the fluidity of Ali’s work. In line with the theme of this year’s IFS, “Sustainability”, Ali has pursued sustainable fashion since his label’s launch in 2014. Ali told The Indian Express how much sustainable design means to him and said: “The aim is to not create more waste in the process of making this installation. Waste is a design flaw, and that’s our core message.”

Ali’s designs are made in Auroville, India, and Ali explained that the aim of his work is to, “use less and do more.” For Garb, Ali used a special textile created from waste materials generated by his studio. The garments are also 100 percent biodegradable meaning that they also refrain from polluting the environment even after use. The collection was indigo, dyed with a natural dye using traditional techniques.  

Ali was one of 16 designers chosen by the IFS from around the world to show their designs. The event, sponsored by IMG Reliance, has propelled Ali, a NIFT Chennai graduate, onto the international stage.

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