Myntra alerts customers to potential fraud

The online fashion platform Myntra has alerted its customers to a potential fraud and advised them to be cautious of fraudulent emails, messages, and phone calls from people pretending to be Myntra employees.

Myntra has warned customers to be careful of fraud

Myntra has noticed an increase in outside parties posing as the fashion business in order to steal money from its customers or job applicants, the Times of India reported.

“It has come to our attention that a number of our customers have been receiving fraudulent emails, messages and phone calls from fake agencies and and fake online contests,” wrote the business in an email. 

“Myntra's recruitment partners and employees will never ask you to deposit cash to avail gifts/job opportunities (in the name of Recruitment Fees, Processing Fees, Security Deposits, Software or Equipment Charges, On-Boarding Charges, Service Charges etc.),” read the company’s warning to the general public. 

The business has created a hotline that people suspecting fraud can call and has told shoppers not to give out any personal or banking information. The business also confirmed that it never asks job applicants to deposit money when applying for a post at the business. 

Securing and retaining consumer trust remains an integral part of e-commerce business. Myntra has responded quickly and publicly to the current fraud scare but it will have also re-ignited fears over online privacy. 

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