Mandhana Retail in talks with SKF to renew licence

The Mandhana Retail Ventures Limited (TMRVL) is in talks with Salman Khan Foundation (SKF) to renew the license for the ‘Being Human’ brand.
Mandhana Retail in talks with SKF to renew licence - Being Human - Facebook

Mandhana Retail holds the licence to manufacture and sell Bollywood actor Salman Khan's Being Human brand of clothing and fashion accessories.
The company is currently short of funds, however, which is affecting the sales and margins of the brand. Meanwhile, differences between Mandhana and SKF have also resulted in exits of some of its senior executives.
One of the major differences between the two parties is their individual stand on whether or not to sell through the multi- brand outlet (MBO) format, which has led to drop in sales affecting the overall revenue and profit of the company.
Mandhana Retail had reported a loss of Rs 59 lakh ($82,349) as against a profit of Rs 9 crore it reported last year.
“There has been a lot of speculation in the market regarding whether we will continue business with SKF or not. The company is working with the foundation and we are confident that we will renew the licence,” Manish Mandhana, CEO at TMRVL told Economic Times.
“We discontinued with the MBO because in audits we discovered that a lot of the selling points did not maintain standards. This included many factors like decor, interiors and more that was impacting the health of the brand,” Mandhana added.
Mandhana Retail had collaborated with Salman Khan to launch Being Human brand in 2012. It currently has 63 exclusive brand outlets, 204 shop-in-shops (SIS) and 61multi brand outlets (MBOs) across the country.

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