Luciano Benetton named Benetton group executive chairman

As first announced late last year, Luciano Benetton has returned to his namesake company. At the end of a board meeting held on Monday, January 21, the founder of the famous Italian clothing brand was named executive chairman. He, therefore, returns to the role of president, one that he left in 2012 to give way for his son Alessandro.
Luciano Benetton -

Francesco Gori, who has been president of Benetton Group since May 2012, will remain on the board. As indicated by the company in a press release, "he will assume after a short break a new post within another Edizione-controlled company," which is the firm's holding company.
In a long interview with Italian daily La Repubblica published late November, Luciano Benetton announced his intention to return to the business to relaunch the struggling company. 

"In 2008, I left the company with 155 million euros of assets and I return with 81 million in liabilities for 2016. And this year, it will be worse. For me, it is an intolerable pain. That's why I'm back in the field with my sister Giuliana, who is 80 years old, and with Oliviero Toscani, "he said.

Aged 82, the businessman has decided to play an active role in Benetton. He will work alongside director of operations, Tommasco Brusò.

Translated by Benjamin Fitzgerald

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