Kryolan opens flagship store in Ambience Mall, Gurugram

The global professional makeup brand Kryolan opened a flagship store in Gurugram’s Ambience Mall on May 11 with over 12,000 cosmetic products for sale.

The facade of the new Kryolan flagship store in Ambience Mall - Kryolan India- Facebook

The new Kryolan flagship store in Gurugram opened on Saturday with a bright white interior and striking poster featuring an abstract makeup look. The makeup brand designed for professional makeup artists and amateurs alike is now housed on the first floor of Ambience Mall and counts MAC and H&M as its neighbours.

The store is filled with mirrors and the brand’s signature brightly pigmented cosmetics. The store is designed in accordance with Kryolan’s other global stores with marble shelves and displays for it s Supra and Derma foundations. 

The Kryolan flagship store is run in partnership with Euro Cosmetics India. The new-Delhi based company is responsible for bringing a number of international makeup brands to India and has operated for over 20 years.

Kryolan Cosmetics (India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kryolan Professional Makeup. The global business is headquartered in Berlin and has manufactured its own makeup for over 70 years. The brand also retails in India from its dedicated e-commerce store. 

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