Jewellery designer Swapna Mehta holds pop-up at Ensemble’s Kala Ghoda store in Mumbai

Hyderabad-based jewellery designer Swapna Mehta held a pop-up store in Ensemble’s Kala Ghoda boutique in Mumbai to launch her new “Parijat” collection which includes repurposed vintage jewellery.

Swapna Mehta held a pop-up store in Ensemble’s Kala Ghoda store from Wednesday to Thursday - Swapna Sahni Mehta- Facebook

From April 10 to 11, Mehta set up shop inside the multi-brand luxury chain Ensemble’s Kala Ghoda retail outlet to launch her Parijat collection in the city. The jewellery collection is inspired by flora and fauna and uses a range of materials including bamboo, vintage jewellery parts, vintage Kundan jewellery, gold, and coloured stones.

“I am fascinated by the botanical Anglo-Indian engravings and the luxurious foliage and gardens of Indian miniature painting,” Mehta told Vogue India about her new collection. Necklaces feature talisman-esque large pendants and earrings and cuffs are oversized for maximum effect. 

“If I stumble upon a piece with craftsmanship of a bygone era with old gems and pearls, then no matter how badly damaged it is, I will use it,” explained Mehta about how she sourced materials for the collection. “For me, it is a piece of history, of great handmade craftsmanship that much like an old woven textile, cannot be compared to the machine-made products of today.”

Swapna Mehta launched her eponymous jewellery brand in Hyderabad in 2016. Mehta has showcased her brand at the Francesca Galloway gallery in London as well as across India and counts Ensemble as one of her earliest stockists. 

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