Jennifer Lopez launches her jewelry collection with Endless Jewelry

The American singer is continuing to expand her empire. After music, movies and perfumes, Jennifer Lopez launches into jewelry.
A collection of charm bracelets with Endless Jewelry is what she is giving us.

The Danish jewelry brand, which is increasingly making its mark on the global scene, has indeed entered into a partnership with Jennifer Lopez to market several collections. While her line has been available in Europe in the brand's stores since the end of September, it is just now available in the United States.

"My exclusive collection with Endless Jewelry embraces the attitude of being fun and elegant at the same time," says Jennifer Lopez. "It is also about letting each woman express her personality through her jewelry. The collection will let women celebrate what is unique and beautiful about themselves."

The group's Chief Executive, Jesper Nielsen, also shared his enthusiam for the collaboration: "Endless Jewelry is all about fun, positivity, colors and being yourself. We offer women a way to personalize their jewelry choices by letting them mix up the models and be original. Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary style and charisma perfectly represent the collection."


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