Jasper Conran reworks masculine classics at London show

Designer Jasper Conran reworked classic masculine looks for his latest womenswear collection at London Fashion Week on Saturday, presenting a clean-cut line of coats, skirts and dresses.

Models strutted down the catwalk in a range of outerwear staples including the parka, mackintosh, bomber, quilted, biker and sheepskin jackets as well as duffle, pea and suede coats.

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Conran presented V-neck, T-shirt, print, fringed sequin, banded and tunic dresses in materials that ranged from mohair to cotton and organza. Skinny trousers slit at the bottom came in mohair and wool, while straight skirts to the knee were in leather, hair-on-calf or layered organza. They were worn with banded vests or boxy tops.

"What I have been working with is what I would call familiar, the things that [are] menswear classic," the designer told Reuters backstage. "I've been working with that and re-proportioning and rethinking and reworking and re-fabricating those so it's the familiar but it's unfamiliar."

Conran used a colour palette of chocolate, berry, navy, greens, cream, black and white with dabs of scarlet, orange, pink and royal blue bursting through the collection.

"It's... exciting juxtapositions of color -- so classic colors, berry colors, browns and greens and then vibrant color," he said.

For accessories, footwear was flat, with knee-length boots and loafers in mainly dark colors.

London Fashion Week, during which designers are showcasing their autumn/winter 2017 womenswear creations, runs until Tuesday.

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