Indian textile industry requires 17 million extra workforce by 2022 says government

India’s texile sector requires an extra 17 million workers by 2022, according to the government’s Ministry of Textiles.

The Ministry of Textiles is looking to greatly expand the sector's workforce to help boost exports

On Dec. 20, the Ministry of Textiles announced that India’s textile industry requires a large and continued influx of workers, as reported by the Press Trust of India. The industry currently employs around 45 million people and requires 17 million more in the next four years.

Over the past four years, India’s textile workforce has increased through industry partnerships offering training courses to workers. A total of 58 government and industry partners trained approximately 8.58 lakh people for skilled textile work.

The Ministry of Textiles plans to build up India’s textile workforce to increase India’s textile exports. This plan comes under the umbrella of the government’s “Make in India” campaign to increase domestic production and also aims to stop India being overtaken as a textile exporter by its rival countries such as Bangladesh.

The Ministry of Textiles believes that, in order to increase exports, the textile market must be diversified and collaborative exports must be promoted. The Ministry identified 12 markets for diversification of exports: Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, and Peru.

As part of the Fabric-Forward Policy, the Ministry of Textiles will also seek strategic engagement with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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