Indian and international designers showcase modest wear in St Louis, US

A group of Indian designers took part in the first Modest Muslim Women’s fashion show in St Louis US to showcase the diversity of modest fashion along with other international designers and models. 

Indian modest fashion was celebrated as part of the Creativity & Identity exhibition in St Louis, US - CAIR

St Louis resident Mojda Sidiqi organised a fashion show to celebrate modest fashion from around the world, including India. The runway show took place as part of the Council on American-Islam Relations in Missouri’s third-annual art exhibition and brought together fans of modest fashion from across Asia and the Middle East.

Indian participants Naba Yas and Faheema Hassan modelled brightly coloured dresses paired with statement traditional jewellery as part of the show. Designers and models from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Nigeria, and Sudan also participated.

Sidiqi told St Louis Public Radio that she wants to spread the message that modest fashion can be innovative and fun. The runway show took place over the weekend at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries and featured Sidiqi’s own designs among others.

Salma Uwimana, a Rwandan fashion designer, designed several outfits for the show that mixed traditional and modern aesthetics whilst remaining modest. “Even if we’re from different countries, different continents- we’re one,” said Uwimana. “As women, we have to support each other.”

According to the latest State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, Muslim consumers spent over $250 billion (Rs 1.66 lakh crore) on clothing. The market is expected to reach a value of $375 billion by 2023.

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