India Fashion Week London gears up for third season

India Fashion Week London, sponsored by Illamasqua, will take place from November 9 to 12 and a host of Indian designers will descend on the capital for two days of runway shows as well as fringe events.

The third season of India Fashion Week London will take place in November - India Fashion Week London- Facebook
Put on by the Platinum Group, this will be India Fashion Week London’s third season. Last year, the event saw over 5,500 visitors attend the show’s two day catwalk event and the Platinum Group have predicted a 20 percent rise in visitors this year. The main demographic is Asians living in the UK and the event is both a business and entertainment one.

The two days of catwalk shows, November 11 and 12, will take place at Olympia, London and fringe events are also planned across greater London. Some of these will include jewellery launch events and seminars on Indian styles and trends.

Some of the designers who will show on India Fashion Week London’s first day include Tasta, Vaai London, Niti Singhal, and Seema Kashyap. The second day of shows will feature Shivang Kapoor, Shweta Parekh, and a grand finale by Pawan & Pranav. Other sponsors of the event include Innovations India, Sangeeta Dosanjh, Propress, I Saw it First, and Pratham UK.

The Platinum Group also organises the National Asian Wedding Show which averages around 18,000 visitors each year and features luxury Indian wedding attire made by Indian designers based both in the UK and in India.

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