House of Masaba launches menswear

House of Masaba has launched its first menswear collection after months of teasers. The capsule collection features the brand’s signature bright and whimsical prints.

House of Masaba has launched a menswear line - House of Masaba- Facebook

“It takes all kinds of men to make up the world, celebrating the bold and effervescent men in our exclusive menswear,” wrote Gupta on Facebook as she launched the collection.

Gupta chose two men to model her first menswear offerings, Roshan Abbas and Pablo Naranjo Agular. In the line’s inaugural photoshoot, Abbas is styled in a light blue and gold ensemble as well as a baby pink suit with grey Bandhgala with the brand’s signature gold Kalash print. Agular wears a denim kurta with a rustic comb print on and a silver on black rabbit print kurta. From these first photos, it is clear the Gupta has not toned down her bright and fun fusion wear style for her menswear offerings.

The label had posted months of teasers on social media by posting photos of Bollywood celebrities wearing its menswear.

House of Masaba also saw in the new year by opening its Chennai flagship store on January 2. Planned since 2018, the store opened on the city’s Khadi Nawaz Khan Road and houses the brand’s entire product lines.

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